News / February 26, 2024

Why Should I Teach My Dog To Walk Off-Lead?

Teaching your dog to walk with you off-lead is an important and necessary skill.


Too many people simply let their dog off-lead, giving them total freedom to run around anywhere, and then spend the rest of their dog’s life trying to limit this freedom. It is imperative to teach your dog to properly walk off-lead before giving them the freedom to run around in a park or open space.  

It is highly important that dog owners realise that the ‘freedom’ they are giving to their dog is allowing them to be off lead, not to run around the whole park. If your dog is not trained to be off lead, letting your dog run around in an open space with no lead and no means of recalling them back to you, this could potentially be dangerous or you could end up in a bad situation. 

This is why teaching your dog to be off-lead is so important. To do this, start by granting your dog small freedoms first. These include walking next to you off-lead for small periods of time or distance, so that they start to understand they must stay next to you. 

The next stage is to vary this routine, and train this until your dog will stay with you for longer periods of time whilst out on a walk. This will build their confidence and understanding of your expectations of them whilst they are off-lead. 

Once you are confident your dog is comfortable with this level of freedom, you can increase the amount they have. This could be in the form of encouraging your dog to have a sniff and go to the toilet before recalling them and continuing the walk. 

Over a period of time, your dog’s behaviour and self-control will enable you to slowly allow more freedom for your dog. It is important to note that this training should be in random time limits and with the majority of time spent walking next to you. 

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