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Why Buy A Family Protection Dog

Why Buy A Family Protection Dog And What Is One?

More and more people are turning to family protection dogs to keep their homes and loved ones safe.

A family protection dog is a highly trained K9, the very best trained pet dog. Usually a larger breed of dog that is happy to be in the house and part of your family, socialising with other pets, children and visitors. They have natural guarding instincts and professional training to be able to deliver a high level of protection to your family and home.

Switching From Family Protection Dog to Neutral

A family protection dog needs to be able to switch from working mode to neutral instantly. Protecting their loved ones comes naturally to certain breeds of dog (Please see our top 5 family protection dogs list). At Platinum K9 our family protection dogs are trained to an exceptional level of obedience. They are social with other animals and humans, integrating well into family or work life. A dog assessed by our trainers as being nervous, fearful or displaying anti-social behaviour will not be selected for training.

In today’s society, criminals are becoming more and more brazen. We hear constantly in the media of criminals breaking into homes, and attempted kidnappings of family members and car jackings in broad daylight are no longer confined to Hollywood films.

CCTV and alarms just aren’t a sufficient deterrent for the pre-meditated or determined criminal. Hence more and more celebrities and high profile individuals are investing in family protection dogs to be a loving pet hopefully 100% of the time, but if ever called into action would give their life for their family.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a multi-millionaire to purchase a family protection dog to protect you and your loved ones. With untrained pedigree puppies now costing anywhere between £1,000 and upwards of £3,000 for certain breeds. At Platinum K9 we can tailor a family protection dog and training to your exact requirements. We will also equip you with the skills to ensure that your dog maintains its exceptional level of family protection skills, along with lifelong support and training from the Platinum K9 team.

See our dogs for sale for those on site at present but we are always working with our contacts to source the best dogs for our clients.

If you feel a family protection dog would be a right fit for you. Or you just have some more questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.