Luke Thompson

Job title:

Residential Dog Trainer

Luke has a considerable background working in SEMH and as a PE Teacher. It was his passion for walking his dog and the outdoors that prompted him to change career paths.

“I felt that I needed a change of direction vocationally, and as I spend all of my spare time out walking my dog, I jumped at the opportunity to join Platinum K9”

Luke has kept a distance record of all his walks with his Hungarian Viszla Cali. Incredibly, they have nearly circumnavigated the globe by foot and bicycle in the last 10 years!

Apart from wearing out trainers, Luke also enjoys Wild camping, rugby, climbing and snowboarding. When he does sit down, it is generally to watch his team Nottingham forest.

“Obviously Viszla’s are my favourite breed of dog, but I really enjoy working with such a diverse range of breeds that the residential team train. As a trainer I’ve worked quite a lot with Dobermans, a breed which is growing on me. I love the fact that as a team we are always on the go, and each new day or dog brings new challenges. I really like the fact that we are helping to improve the quality of life for families and their dogs”