Kyran Pitts

Job title:

Residential Dog Trainer

Kyran has always had an interest in protection dogs and their training. At college he gained Level 2/3 in animal care as a foundation for the vocation he hoped to pursue. It was this interest that led him to contacting Platinum K9 with a view to becoming a trainer. After a successful trial he made it onto the team and has gained a lot of experience training a variety of different dogs in different disciplines or behaviour challenges. 

” I’m really interested in training Family Protection dogs as it involves so many training objectives. The dogs that do this training residentially are with us for quite long time and I like being part of that journey with them. Especially training them to be so controlled and yet powerful.  I also really enjoy the challenge of the behavioural training we deliver. A lot of the dogs we train are really challenging when they come in and their owners are obviously frustrated by them. It gives you a lot of satisfaction during the handover at the end of training, to see how much of a difference you have made to them and their lives”

Kyran is an avid Airsoft player in his spare time, travelling across the country to take part in different events. He keeps fit by running and going to the gym. He doesn’t have a dog of his own at the moment but takes one of the Family protection dogs in training home as part of their personal development plan. He likes taking time to walk them and let them experience family life, so they are better equipped for their future roles.