Residential Manager Jake Smithurst

Jake Smithurst

Residential Manager / Dog Trainer

Jake is our Residential Manager/trainer. He lives on site and is responsible for the care and welfare of the dogs training with us. He is also the lead trainer for the residential training team. Prior to joining Platinum K9, he had six years’ experience managing and caring for animals across a wide range of species. However, his passion is for dogs, specifically Leonberger’s, which he and his partner Zoe, own and breed.

In his role, Jake works with and is involved in a wide variety of different breeds of dog across a wide range of training challenges.

“I love watching the dogs develop and change throughout their training. The positive effect our work has on the dog and their owners brings a deep sense of achievement. Enabling people to have a productive and appropriate relationship with their dog, basically changing their lives, is a driving force for me. As a Team we are making a real difference and I’m proud of that”

Amongst all the breeds he is involved with, Jake has become particularly passionate about Dobermans. Especially training in high levels of obedience and protection.

“They are such a noble and impressive dog to look at and have loads of energy and drive to train and work”

As residential manager he lives a busy life ensuring the needs and welfare of the residential dogs are met. When he does get some spare time, he plays rugby for his local club and taking day trips to walk his two Leonberger’s.