Evie Dolby

Job title:

Kennel Team

Meet Evie Dolby, our enthusiastic team member with a passion for animals, especially cocker spaniels. Currently studying animal care level 2.1, she is always eager to learn about different species and their husbandry. Evie initially joined Platinum K9 for work experience and was welcomed with open arms by the team.

Her caring and playful nature make her a favourite among the dogs. She loves to cuddle and play with them, ensuring they are entertained and comfortable during their stay. Evie enjoys working with the whole team and believes that teamwork is essential to provide the best care possible for our furry guests.

Evie’s eagerness to interact with and learn about different dog breeds makes her an asset to our team. Her love for animals and dedication to their wellbeing is evident in everything she does. We are grateful to have Evie as part of our team at Platinum K9.