Trainer: Ellie Thurman



Ellie Thurman

Kennel Team

Meet Ellie Thurman, one of the valuable members of our team! Ellie has a passion for animals, especially dogs. With 6 years of experience in working with animals, Ellie has developed a deep understanding and love for all different types of dogs. Her favorite breed is the Staffordshire bull terrier, but she also has a Cane corso puppy named Thor who she adores.

Aside from her love for dogs, Ellie is also a huge fan of Marvel, which inspired her to name her puppy after the popular superhero.

Ellie’s passion for dogs runs in her blood, as her family has worked with protection dogs for years. Her experience and knowledge in the field have proved to be valuable assets to our team. We are lucky to have Ellie on board, and her dedication and love for animals make her a valuable team member.