Testimonial - Sharon Jenkins.

Nov 26, 2021

Zak and I have just returned from a weekend course with Jon and Mike and I honestly can’t recommend Platinum K9 highly enough – I’ve come home with a different dog!

I have 2 rescue GSDs aged 3 and 4 and although Indiana is friendly and biddable, he’s stubborn and pulls strongly on the lead; Zak is fear-reactive to both dogs and people, resulting in pulling, barking and lunging – in the house Zak is on edge, rarely relaxing, and both lads can be very boisterous with each other. I’d been persevering with walking them together using head-collars, but their behaviours mean it’s been exhausting – and troublesome as neither like the head-collars. Even walking them separately has proved to be a trial and a far from relaxing experience, leading me to choose walks off the beaten track where I won’t meet people or dogs so can have them off lead.

Having found Platinum K-9 online, read the reviews and watched the videos, I booked Zak in for the weekend course. After 2 days work with Jon, Mike and Zak, I now have a dog who walks loose-lead so quietly using a simple slip lead I have to check to see if he’s there! More importantly, I have a calmer happier dog and a set of tools and techniques that I learned and practiced with Zak and Jon over the weekend that I can use at home with both Zak and Indy to improve their behaviour on lead to make walks enjoyable for all of us.

Over the weekend I learned such a lot about my own role in helping Zak feel calm, safe and relaxed but also how I can quickly and firmly correct any undesirable behaviours to keep him on track and walking calmly in the right position.

From the initial assessment walk, the entertaining and highly informative conversations with Jon and Mike, the training field and short walk exercises through to the longer training walks in more challenging, busy areas everything has come together so well.

Jon and Mike have been great company over the weekend whilst imparting a wealth of knowledge on how to work with Zak to help him with his fear-re-activeness and also how to foster desired behaviour and calmness all-round.

I have used the same techniques with Indy this morning and am pleased to report that he and I are just back from our first proper loose-lead walk – he’s a quick learner! I’ll be progressing with both boys using what I’ve learned with Jon and Mike to get to a point where nothing phases Zak and both walk consistently loose-lead.

I’m looking forward to eventually being able to take them out together without worrying where I can go. Thank you Jon, Mike and Ben – a first class experience and excellent results!