Testimonial - Ron Bloomquist.

Jul 10, 2022

AMAZING RESULTS, We have 4 French bulldogs, one of our puppies Bear born during lockdown became very aggressive towards other dogs when we started going back into public which then extended to his own father and Bear viciously fighting at home even through gates, glass doors and separate rooms if there were connected. We were very concerned on what we were going to do as Bear is a child to us and we could not take him anywhere with us without embarrassing situations and excessive stress. After doing extensive research we decided to give Platinum K9 a chance to see if they could help us. I can honestly say I was apprehensive about the cost and what the results would be but Jon and the crew at Platinum truly gave us our life and family back. I would definitely recommend anyone having control or behavioural issues with a dog to contact Platinum K9, it will be the best decision you will make in correcting your dog and how you control them.

Best regards,
Ron & Sonia

In my opinion, people that leave a negative review of Platinum K9 won’t believe sometimes it is the OWNER that needs trained more then the Dog, as well as All animals away from their home environment will tend to not eat as well as they do at home so don’t expect your pet to be exactly the same as when you drop them off.