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Mona-Viola Wagner – 23 April 5 Star

Miracle worker? I THINK SO. Thank you so much Jon. Both myself and the owners are really grateful to you. We are more than happy with the training Jon provided and look forward to future sessions. Cannot recommend Platinum K9 enough. If you’re at your wits end with your dog, don’t give up and call Jon today. You won’t be disappointed!

I visited Jon with one of my clients dogs named Blane (Labrador mix). Blane is a highly energetic dog who has trouble staying focused on one task at a time for a certain period. Before I visited Jon I have to say I was unable to walk Blane even up and down the road in his neighbourhood as he was just too strong for me to handle. Basically he was the boss and I was not. Oh did I mention I had to wear gloves and basically take the lead off him when we got back to the house even before we opened the door as otherwise he would have had me on the floor face down. Your probably thinking what a nightmare of a dog. You are wrong Blane is the most loving and kind dog. Behind closed gates he actually learns extremely quickly. The challenge was getting his focus outside of the gates.

When I arrived at Jon’s property I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome. We took Blane to the paddock and within in minutes Jon managed to have both myself and Blane in a calm state of mind. Quite remarkable for Blane to lay down on the floor relaxed whilst on his slip lead. I was explained his theory-method of training and Jon made sure I was happy to go ahead with the training. To my surprise Blane only needed a couple of corrections until they were walking side by side (NO PULLING). I was then handed the lead and started practising Jon’s ways (sorry I don’t think I should reveal his tips and tricks but trust me it’s worth booking a session with him and finding out). Let’s wrap this up last things to mention are that we even brought his German Shepard out who was jumping around him and Blane didn’t even flinch. A moment I won’t forget was when Jon asked me to feed Blane a treat (Blane happily took the treat) you might think of course why wouldn’t he?! Well to us this showed that Blane truly was in a relaxed state of mind and not stressed. Who wants to eat when their stressed?! So no magic tricks here or anything that causes harm to your dog.

Last week I walked Blane around the neighbourhood on a loose lead, with no pulling, no gloves, no anxiety but with a big smile on my face! In fact one of the neighbours asked me if I’m training a guide dog as he was so well behaved and listened to all of my commands instantly. I am absolutely thrilled and look forward to continue the training + adding in Blane’s brother on future walks as I now feel confident that this is possible.