Testimonial - Kathy Gates.

Jul 10, 2022

My 14-month-old German shepherd Elsa has just returned from a Platinum Directors residential training. I cannot recommend Jon and his fabulous team Jodie Kiran & Jake enough. Truly dedicated staff he has who clearly adore the dogs.  Elsa has returned home a true delight. She has been trained in family protection and obedience. From day one this company is so professional as before they would even consider Elsa she had to go for an assessment.

I was very worried as Elsa would be away for 12 weeks. Jon gave me lots of reassurance. He never stopped me visiting but advised better not to, but I was told i could go any time, so I took his advice and stayed away. But missed her so much. Never once did I feel I could not go but I wanted what best for Elsa. Knowing Elsa was going home to Jon and his family every evening and having time with his family was a great comfort.

Each week I got a beautiful video and updates on what she was learning and doing.  I loved getting them. I could see how much Elsa was enjoying her time.

When I went to collect Elsa, I was given my own training with the handover which lasted quite a few
Hours and was very thorough. Jon and his team are there for life now and offer continued support.

I am absolutely delighted with her training and would always recommend platinum K9. If anyone ever wants to contact me am happy to talk to them.