Testimonial - Georgia Paddock.

Jul 10, 2022

Myself and my partner rescued our GSD Freddie when he was 5 months old. He was reactive on walks with other dogs, and also had lots of bad habits such as lead ragging and barking at the hoover to name a few.

After 3-4 months we had exhausted numerous 1-2-1 sessions with dog trainers which didn’t work at all…and were all very ‘one rule fits all’ and didn’t personalise the training to suit Freddie’s specific needs. Freddie was getting bigger, stronger and more reactive faster than his training was improving which led to us becoming more and more anxious about taking him out.

We then came across Platinum K9 on the internet, and we knew this was the next step for us to take if we wanted to give Freddie and ourselves a better and more enjoyable life!

We went to see Jon & Jake at Platinum K9 for them to assess Freddie over the course of an hour. And to our delight even after the hour with them you could see the potential for improvement as Jon knew EXACTLY how he would manage and train Freddie.

We obviously made the decision to book him on as early as possible, which was for 3 months later. We booked him for the 4 week residential training.

Whilst Freddie was with them we received weekly video updates of Freddie’s progression after dropping him off at the training centre. After just 2 weeks the video update was like watching a different dog, he was happily walking loose lead around a busy park, walking in close proximity to other dogs, people, bikes and children.

We went for our hand over on the day of collection and the techniques Jon taught us to build the relationship with Freddie were outstanding and effective!

We are now happy to take Freddie with us to busy parks, high streets and of course, beer gardens where we continue to bond and enjoy our time together.

We still can’t thank Jon, Jake and the team enough for the love and devotion they’ve shown to Freddie, even now, 7 months later. We are still lucky enough to get advice when we might need it as Jon is always just a message away!

Taking Freddie to Platinum was the best decision we could have ever made for all 3 of us!!!!