Testimonial - Ellie Bain.

Jul 10, 2022

Context: Iggy is my one-year-old English Bulldog. Throughout the lockdowns he had become more and more nervous on walks, especially around other dogs and people – it got to a point where I would have to walk him at absurd times just to avoid the stress of him reacting/being aggressive. In general, it just was not a good time for him nor myself and I knew I had to get some professional help. I haven’t been apart from Iggy since getting him at the beginning of the first lockdown, so it was a very difficult decision to be apart from him for four weeks, but it was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made.

Four weeks of residential training at Platinum K9 with Jon and his team (Kyran in particular) and Iggy is an absolute dream to walk.  Today I walked through Wimbledon Common past about 15-20 dogs both on and off lead, some of which were running up to and sniffing Iggy and we had absolutely no reaction from him, he just stayed by my side and carried on with absolutely no fuss! I’m honestly so impressed. A massive thank you to Platinum K9 for all their hard work it really has made such a huge difference! Iggy is so much happier and calmer on walks and at home