Testimonial - Ben Greenwood.

Nov 26, 2021

Platinum K9 first of all I want to thank you for the unbelievable work you have done with our dogs, for those of you that don’t know we have peanut (stubborn little Cow reactive /mum) cookie (nervous reactive to other dogs/dad) pig (nervous reactive/son) just a month ago this walk could have never happened due to cookie and pig not able to be in sight of each other without wanting to take chunks out of each other and peanut just doing as she pleased.

After 4 week residential training with Jon and his team not only could we take them all out together but enjoy it as well!! Over 16 month ago it came to the point where pig and cookie could not be in the same room as each other so fortunately my mum Anne Greenwood thankfully took pig in to live with his brother koda where with a lot of hard work from my mum pig came a long way until he started again with his brother koda, after 12 month jealousy over affection caused the 2 brothers to react the same leaving us at a last resort situation and luckily platinum k9 was the perfect decision.

After a multitude of phone calls to dog trainers for the best part of a day Jon stood out by a mile with his calm positive attitude to our situation. Firstly booking pig In for his 4 week rehab we were literally amazed by the results he no longer recacted to other dogs but was so much calmer and happier!

After seeing such a transformation in the little one I was quick to ask see if the team would be able to get our family back together so training commenced with peanut and cookie. After the 4 week residential training as we expected the same came of the parents, so much more relaxed and a pleasure to live with and in a matter of months we will be all back together once they have all got ally Michael whom spent a lot of time with our little ones which I can imagine at times drove you up the wall I can’t thank you enough!!!

Anyone that is in need of a dog trainer I can’t recommend platinum k9 enough, thank you again.