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Romesh Ranganathan’s Platinum K9 Experience

“The whole experience felt very premium. I would thoroughly recommend” – Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh Ranganathan with Ben and Jon

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan originally found Platinum K9 through our work with Wayne and Frankie Bridge. His aim was to improve his Golden Doodles, Reggie and Ivy’s behaviour and to train them to walk off lead with recall.  

Romesh said, “we’ve got two dogs that were sort of ignoring us. Reggie in particular had no recall whatsoever”. “We want to be able to take them out and have a good time, but we felt too scared to do that”. “We’re all just so nervous about what they were going to do if we gave them a bit of freedom”.  


During their six week residential dog training plan, their primary trainer was head trainer Jon. Romesh’s dogs lived with Jon at his family home, where they were trained in house. 

They were also brought into the training facilities in Southwell, where they went on training walks around the town, with exposure to distractions as well as practising their recall along the countryside trails. 

Romesh Ranganathan on his handover in London

At the end of their six week training course, head trainers Jon and Ben travelled down to London where they conducted the four hour handover at Romesh’s home with his family, making sure to thoroughly explain everything Reggie and Ivy had been taught and how to continue this after the training course.  

“What Platinum K9 has done with [my dogs] has been a revelation, I would thoroughly recommend”. 


Romesh said “the whole experience felt very premium”. He said that his family “were expecting a lot but it was over and above what [they] were expecting”.  

To hear more of what Romesh has to say about his experience with Platinum K9, watch his full testimonial here.


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