News / July 23, 2022

Post Training Commitment

Dog training in the UK

The dog training industry is pretty much unregulated in the UK. At Platinum K9 we believe we are the top provider of residential dog training for reactive or aggressive dogs in the Country.Our small team of trainers are both very experienced and qualified, but most importantly results driven.

Commitment to success

Our commitment to success with clients dogs does not stop at the end of a residential training course.The after care and support we offer after training is second to none in the UK.No matter how good our training and comprehensive the handover’s are, sometimes owners struggle when they get home.

Reverting to type

This can be for a variety of reasons. Particularly challenging dogs can try to revert to type on their return to home turf. Or, owners by their own admission struggle to maintain boundaries instilled during residential training.Whatever the reason, our team will work with and indeed travel to the clients home until the desired results are achieved. This service is completely free of charge and part of our commitment to all our clients and their dogs.

post post training commitment
For more information on our residential dog training services please contact us at or call us on 0115 646 0905.