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Platinum K9 Team At The AD Trials

Platinum K9 AD Trial

Jon and Michael with their dogs at the AD trials

AD Trials

There was no Bank Holiday rest for the Platinum K9 team. Saturday morning saw head trainer Jon head to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, along with our trainer Michael to test two dogs in their AD trials. The gruelling AD test or Ausdauerprüfung –  is an IPO endurance test of 12 miles in 2 hours.

Attaining The Title

In order to successfully attain the AD title, each pairing of dog and handler must demonstrate a high level of stamina under strict conditions. Jon and Michael took their respective dogs over the 12 mile course, the handlers cycling and the dogs running alongside. The team must maintain an average speed of 10 mph throughout the course which will be a clear demonstration of the control held by the handler. A further challenge  of physical and mental capability then follows with a short obedience routine at the end.

Jon took the course with our two year old German Shepherd Dog Ayk Weerdon. Michael was trialling with Sarah Smith’s dog Sully, Portnall Elrick. Both passed the challenge and achieved their respective AD titles.

Platinum K9 AD Trial

Jon and his dog Ayk

This comes just one month after Jon and Ayk achieved the IPO Level 1 titles with remarkable results and comments from the Judge that Ayk had demonstrated,  pronounced courage in protection’.

Platinum K9

Michael and Sully

Back at Base

We have a full compliment of dogs staying with us on residential training courses so  it was straight back home to catch up with the rest of the team and see what exciting achievements had been made with our guests.

For Ayk, also back to work as IPO titles don’t come without the hard work and consistency. We might find time for a little treat and clean up with Jenny though. Don’t worry Ayk, we won’t ruin your image letting anyone know how fond you are of the shampoo and blow dry indulgence.

Platinum K9 would like to congratulate all the other competitors and thank Shirley Hutchinson, Midlands GSD group for hosting the event.

If you would like to discuss with Platinum K9, our team helping you with your AD trail, please get in touch.