Obedience Dog Training

We are experts in obedience dog training, tailored to your dogs needs.

Obedience and focus from a dog are the most important factors in our relationship with them.

A dog should enhance our lives not hinder them. Most dog owners consider their pet to be part of the family and at Platinum K9 we understand how stressful it is when your dog’s challenges begin to disrupt your ability to enjoy canine companionship.

If your dog needs obedience training to establish good manners and boundaries. Such as walking to heel and recall, Platinum K9 are able to tailor a training package to suit your needs.

Our expert dogs trainers specialise in all challenging behaviours including aggressive reactivity to other dogs, people and vehicles. Our residential training services are ideal to ensure that the root causes of these anti social and potentially dangerous behaviours are identified and resolved.

Obedience dog training course details.

Obedience Dog Training | Platinum K9

Course cost:

  • Starting from £750 per week.

Course duration:

  • Ranges from 2 - 6 weeks (depends on bespoke requirements)

Course Dog training:

  • Sit stay
  • Down Stay
  • Loose lead walking
  • Leash manners
  • Going and staying on their bed
  • Controlled relaxation
  • Recall
  • Walking to heel off lead
  • Socialisation with new environments (cafes, vets etc...)
  • Social skills in house and one lead
  • Learning to play fetch
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Expert Dog Training at Platinum K9

No Obligation Assessment

Prior to any dog training course, we can invite you to visit our premises, for a no obligation assessment.  We can also arrange to collect your dog from your home and safely transport to our facilities.
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Obedience dog training facilities

Our Facilities

Your dog will be cared for and trained by our team of qualified, experienced professionals, on our fully insured and licensed secure premises.

We can house your dog in one of our 35 individually heated private kennels or in our home, which is surrounded by 2 acres of land, just a 10min walk from the busting market town of Southwell.

German Shepherd after Obedience dog training

Our Commitment

Dependant on your dog’s requirements, we dedicate a minimum of 4 hours training every day, as well as supervised positive socialisation and constructive play time.

We love to communicate your dogs training back to you, so you will receive regular updates, photographs and videos to update you on your dog’s progress.

Obedience dog trainer and German Shepherd

Our Trainers

With over 20,000 documented training hours, you can be sure that your dog is being trained by the very best in the industry. Our qualified, experienced trainers get results, even with the most aggressive or reactive dogs.

We work with all breeds and have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.