News / November 6, 2023

New XL Bully Training Package

Calling all XL Bully owners…

With the recent announcement that XL Bullys will be banned in the UK from 31st December 2023, we as a business understand how difficult this may be for owners of this type of dog. We want to help as much as possible which is why we are now offering a specifically tailored training package for XL bully owners.

Dogs need to be under control, biddable, and obedient on a lead, as well as being comfortable wearing a muzzle in a public place, according to new government regulations, which all need to be applied to XL bullies by the end of December 2023. All this will be covered in our three-week training program so that dogs will comply with the recent changes to legislation, as well as provide essential training tailored to specific needs. Whether a dog is positive or negative reactive, we can help train appropriate behaviour by the end of 2023 and into the future.

XL Bully

The initial announcement of the banning on 15th September 2023 was made by Rishi Sunak, following a series of incidents involving out of control XL Bullys. It was made official on 31st October 2023 that XL Bullys would be banned in the UK by the end of the year. It is extremely important for you and your dog to follow the new rules and regulations to ensure you comply with government legislation and keep you and your dog together.

Platinum K9 recognises that this is a confusing and concerning time for many dog owners. We believe this training program will massively help XL Bullys and their owners and ultimately put their minds at ease.

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