News / September 13, 2023

Head Trainer Jon’s on GB News tomorrow!

In a thrilling development, Platinum K9’s esteemed Director and Head Trainer, Jon Gardner, is expected to appear on GB News tomorrow (14/09/23) at 10:20 am!

With the pressing issue of dog attacks in the spotlight, the acclaimed dog trainer will delve into the hot topic of mandatory temperament testing for specific dog breeds.

Recently, the horrifying incident in Birmingham where an XL Bully attacked an 11-year-old girl reignited the debate on banning certain breeds. But is banning the ultimate solution? Historical data suggests otherwise. Despite the 1991 ban on Pit Bull type dogs following a decade of 15 fatal dog attacks, the frequency of fatal attacks by various breeds escalated dramatically in the subsequent decades.

The crux of the argument, as laid out in Jon’s incisive article, zeroes in on temperament, rather than breed type, as the major determinant in unprovoked dog attacks on humans. It’s a matter of genetics, temperament, and, crucially, ownership responsibility. While larger breeds might have the power to inflict severe damage, smaller breeds are not immune to aggressive tendencies.

Xl Bully GB News

Jon’s extensive experience, amassing over 18,000 documented training hours, gives him a unique insight into the behaviour of various breeds. With a rich history that encompasses roles as a dog handler and trainer in both the armed forces and the prison service, Jon’s perspective promises to be both enlightening and grounded in practical expertise.

Could the UK benefit from mandatory temperament testing for specific breeds? Should such testing extend to assess potential dog owners on their capabilities and responsibilities? Several countries have ventured down this path. Jon Gardner will unpack these ideas, and more, on GB News.

Don’t miss this riveting discussion tomorrow (14/09/23) at 10:20 am on GB News. And if you’ve got thoughts or insights to share, make sure to engage with Platinum K9 on their social media platforms.

Link to the Mandatory Temperament testing for dogs article.

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