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IPO 1 for Platinum K9’s Jon Gardner & Ayk

IPO for Ayk

So Sunday was the big IPO day for our head trainer Jon Gardner and his German Shepherd Ayk.


Ayk Dumbbell Retrieve

On top of all the dogs Jon trains daily at Platinum K9. Whether they are on a Residential Training course or One to One clients. Jon’s greatest passion is training IPO with Ayk.

IPO or Schutzhund (German for protection dog) as it was originally known is a dog sport developed in Germany in the early 1900s as a breed suitability test for the German Shepherd. It was introduced as a method of finding the best of the best working German Shepherd dogs to breed from.

The Three IPO Disciplines

IPO has three disciplines; Tracking, Obedience & Protection. It is often referred to as the Triathlon of the dog world. The disciplines are scored out of 100 points and each is performed separately. Each contestant starts with 100 points and they lose marks for every mistake they or their dog make over the course of the trial.

Since passing his BH last year, Jon and Ayk have been working towards their IPO 1. As you can see from the scores (Tracking 96, Obedience 90, Protection 98) and comments from the judge “Pronounced Courage in Protection.”  Both Jon and Ayk have a very bright future in the sport.

Knowing Jon the perfectionist like we do. He secretly will not be happy with his scores and will continue to work even harder to pass his IPO 2 and 3 with higher remarks and scores. Then eventually going onto achieving his dream of representing team Great Britain at the World Championships.

Platinum K9 would like to congratulate all the competitors at Team Marches yesterday.

If you would like to discuss any Schutzhund training for your dog with Jon please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and have a look at our IPO videos.