News / August 26, 2022

International Dog day

Today the World honours our loyal and loving four-legged friends; dogs.  No matter the breed, mixed or pure, today we recognise and celebrate their contribution to the world.  From the family dog, to the working dog, the shelter and rescue dogs to the dogs that serve, protect and save lives, they are a vital part of society.

Humans and dog have been inseparable for millennia, with evidence suggesting humans first domesticated dogs over 30,000 years ago. It has been a symbiotic relationship that has transcended time, resulting in an inexplicable bond that will carry through till the end of civilisation.

There are numerous benefits to owning a dog,

  • Dogs are great companions and make us feel less lonely
  • Dogs are good for your heart, studies have shown, dog owners are less stressed, resulting in fewer cardiovascular problems.
  • Dogs help us cope with issues and crisis.
  • Dogs encourage us to be more active, to go for a walk, to play in the park.
  • Dogs help you meet new people and help to make you more social.
  • Dogs make you happier.
  • Dogs can help people with disabilities, they can warn of pending medical emergencies and they can let people know when you’re in trouble.
  • And last but not least, Dogs can protect you.
Happy family and their dog in the kitchen.

Although International Dog Day is about honouring and celebrating our wonderful best friends, it’s also about raising awareness of important topics in a dogs world.   Hundreds of dogs are rescued daily, from families that can no longer care for their friend, from irresponsible and often illegal breeders, from irresponsible owners, strays from the streets, the list goes on and on…. But you can help!  A lot of rescued dogs end up at charitable organisations, who rely heavily on public support, both financially, and volunteers.  You can find a list of your local dog charities here.

Are you looking for a dog to join your family?  You have many options, from experienced breeders, family with a recent litter, to the many wonderful charities.  Be sure to consider everything before buying or adopting.  Do you have the time?  Do you have the space?  Do you have the finances to cover food, insurance etc…  If you’re looking for advice, or need help deciding, give one of your local charities a call, they’ll be more than happy to help out and may even have the perfect new friend for you.

Happy International Dog Day,
The team at Platinum K9.

Dog and owner relaxing
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