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How To Form A Strong Bond With Your Dog

It’s important to build a strong bond with your dog. There are several ways you can create and maintain this bond.

Forming A Strong Bond With Your Dog

Strong Bond With Your Dog

Choosing a dog

Creating a bond with your dog starts with choosing which dog is right for you. Dogs can act extremely differently depending on their breed and their genetics, so make sure to choose a dog best suited to you and your particular lifestyle, and wants and needs. For more advice on which dog breed is best for you, read our blog on Which Dog Breed Is Best For Me? here.


To build a strong bond, it is important as an owner to reward your dog where appropriate. If your dog is food or fuss motivated, use this to your advantage! When your dog does something well, such as sitting when asked to or walking nicely on a lead, reward them with a treat or a fuss.  

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Balanced relationship

To maintain a strong bond with your dog, it is really important to have a balanced relationship with them. There needs to be certain rules and boundaries put in place. It is important for your dog to have fun and playtime but they need to understand that they cannot do certain things or behave in certain ways, such as barking at other dogs or people, or pulling on the lead when out on a walk. This way, your bond can be maintained in a healthy way.

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