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Frankie Bridge’s Platinum K9 Experience

“I would definitely recommend Platinum K9 to anyone who’s struggling with their dogs” – Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge Dogs Turbo and Leia

The Saturday’s member and Loose Women panellist Frankie Bridge and her husband, England football player Wayne Bridge came to Platinum K9 for dog training after struggling with their two dogs, Turbo and Leia. 

“Turbo specifically was really hard to take on walks, he would bark at cyclists, runners, other dogs, so it was really difficult to take him out”. They struggled with resource guarding in Turbo, as well as Leia barking at everything and ignoring them. 

Frankie Bridge Dogs Turbo and Leia

Wayne and Frankie Bridge found Platinum K9 through their friend, English Rugby player, Danny Care, whose dog Bo had previously been trained by us. Frankie said that it was a “no-brainer” to have their dogs trained with Platinum K9. 

Turbo and Leia’s 4 week residential training course consisted of loose lead walking, in-house bed training, as well as general behaviour training when walking by real-life distractions. 

“As an overall experience with Platinum K9, I couldn’t be happier”

Frankie Bridge Dogs Turbo and Leia

Frankie said about the residential training experience; “I had videos, pictures, daily updates, so I knew they were getting lots of love and attention, for me that was really important and made me feel really at ease”. “The personalisation of the experience is what has made me feel so much better”.  

She also said of our directors; “I really feel that Ben and Jon genuinely love dogs, I feel like they genuinely bonded with my dogs and that it’s really important for them that we have a positive experience”. 

Ben and Jon conducted the 4 hour-long handover at the Bridge’s home near London where Frankie said they “thoroughly explained everything to me and the rest of the family”. 

Frankie Bridge on Handover with Jon

Since their residential training, Turbo and Leia’s behaviour has improved massively. Frankie noted that “they have come back like different dogs”.  She has also “been able to take them for a walk without any reaction”.  

“It’s just made my relationship with them so much easier,” Frankie said in her testimonial. “My dogs are happy and I couldn’t want any more than that”.  

To hear more about Frankie’s Platinum K9 experience, watch her testimonial here.

Frankie Bridge Testimonial

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