Directors package course details.


Course cost:

Starting from £1100 per week

Course duration:

The duration of this course can vary considerably, based on your dogs requirements. Please get in touch to discuss.

What the course covers:

Your dog(s) will live and train with one of our 2 Directors

Our Directors are highly experienced and qualified

Your dog will have 1-2-1 Director training and life experience for the duration of his course

Your dog's training will be to the highest standard of their capability

Your dog's residential training will be spent living as part of the Directors family in their home

During the working week your dog will train with their allocated Director and out of hours or weekend, relax and enjoy downtime as a family pet within the boundaries of the training.

Your residential dog training journey will be documented and communicated via a personal WhatsApp training group. This group will provide daily pics/videos media. Which in conjunction with your weekly scheduled progress phone call, will keep you in the loop and up to date with your dog's routine, achievements and overall progress.

The handover will be conducted by one of the Directors

All follow up training or support will be conducted by a Director

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