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We regularly see dangerous dogs in the press. Cases of dogs causing serious injuries to children are unfortunately common place. In reality there are many more reported incidents which go without publicity.

If your dog is out of control in a public place you can be liable to criminal prosecution. If your dog causes injury to another animal or person it will be deemed to be a dangerous dog. Regardless of the breed and the Court can order that your pet is put to sleep.

Recent changes in the law also mean that even within your own home, if your dog causes such injuries you again can be prosecuted and your dog destroyed.

With this in mind, we strongly recommend that any behavioural issues of this type are challenged at the outset. Our one to one and residential training courses have been very successful in rehabilitating the most aggressive of dogs.

If you are summoned to Court due to an incident with your dog, we are qualified to assist you in keeping your dog and persuading the Court that it is not a dangerous dog to the public. In case where a dog has caused injury, the Court can step away from an immediate order putting your dog to sleep with a strict criteria, including that your dog be muzzled, neutered, tattooed and chipped. In order to persuade the Court that this is a viable option, we can provide an independent assessment of your dog and if appropriate offer behaviour correction training.

If you are due to attend Court regarding your dog, if the dog has been seized by the police or categorised as a banned breed such as ‘pit bull type’ call our team at the earliest opportunity to see how we can help you to keep your dog.

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