News / March 26, 2024

Controlling Your Dog’s Freedom Around Your Home

In our YouTube series, Expert Insights into Successful Dog Training, we cover the benefits of managing food, freedom, and affection when it comes to training your dog. Here are some tips when managing your dog’s freedom around the home…

Bed training: Going to and staying on a bed should be one of the first things you teach your dog.

Bed training will enable you, without physical barriers, to limit access to yourself, increasing your value and teaching your dog to cope without having you in an emotional clutch. Once your dog understands it, you should blend it into part of your dog’s daily routine. 

Bed or place is a very practical tool. It is useful for when guests arrive at your home as instead of your dog running around overly excited, we can have peace and calm, making the environment nicer for everyone overall, and most importantly, your dog is practising emotional control to do so. They are restraining themselves as that is the level of behaviour you as their owner expect. 

Controlling an emotion is a skill, so the more your dog does it, the easier it gets for them to do so. This involves you as an owner putting them in situations where they can practise this regularly. 

Territory and social spaces: Dogs place value on territory such as a sofa or bed. 

Dogs understand and value territory, and having access to social spaces can be linked to social status with dogs. If you give your dog your territory, you are giving away your status and part of any reason a dog will follow you as their leader. 

If you want to cuddle your dog in these social spaces, then by all means, do! But just remember the sofa is yours and time spent on it should be invitational rather than by right.

Giving away territory for free means dogs will happily take mental ownership of it. However, if you periodically share this social space with your dog on your terms, your dog will value the interaction and that will affect how they respond to you in other aspects of their life. 

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