Commitment to Quality

“Platinum K9’s commitment is to train dogs by engaging with them through a routine of daily exercise and quality motivational training using their natural drives for food and play. Through these mediums we create natural boundaries for dogs and a mentally stimulating enriching environment conducive to channelling their energies in a positive and responsive way.”

Platinum K9 has a 100% satisfaction record with our customers

Training outcomes and results obviously play a huge part in this record. However, equally important to us is the high quality of service and the continuous support we maintain with clients, during and after any training provided.

Our expert trainers will assess your dog’s behaviour and offer you a range of options based on your needs and requirements .

Using a range of modern and diverse techniques we can successfully meet any challenge in this field. These challenges range from reactivity/aggression and basic to competition level obedience, across all behavioural issues.

We are qualified, experienced, fully insured and recommended by numerous veterinary practises. All dogs are housed and trained on site in our expansive and secure facilities.

Your peace of mind is as important to us as the care of your dog

We will provide you with regular updates on your dogs progress via social media and telephone. Updates will include pictures and videos of you dog in training and at rest/play.

We will also ensure that you have an understanding of the techniques and methods used in the training of your dog, making sure that you feel a part of the process. Showing you that your dog is getting the best training in the safest of hands.