News / April 11, 2024

Business Awards UK: Pet and Animal Care Award Winners

We are pleased to announce that Platinum K9 are the winners of Exceptional Pet Trainer 2024 in the Pet and Animal Care Awards as part of the Business Awards UK.

Platinum K9 values each and every member of its team and this award is a celebration of their excellent dog training abilities. 

Team Photo WIth Business Award UK Trophy

The team always strives to deliver the best dog training, ensuring dogs reach their goals and full potential. We understand that supporting owners during and after their residential training is crucial in helping them throughout their training journey. 

When Platinum K9 was started by Jon Gardner and Ben Newton in 2017, they aimed to provide a high level of professionalism to dog training. Their mission is to continue this work and help transform the lives of dog owners across the UK and other parts of the world. 

Team Photo WIth Business Award UK Trophy

This award cements the fact that the team at Platinum K9 are providing excellence and professionalism in every aspect of training and delivering industry-leading dog training and support to every owner who walks through our doors.  

For more information on our residential dog training services please contact us at or call us on 0115 646 0905.