News / July 30, 2022

Boxer Training

Popular Breed

Boxers are one of the most popular breeds of Pet dog in the UK. Especially after the Buster the Boxer John Lewis Christmas advert 2016.

We’ve trained a fair few Boxers in the past. They are always great characters that make us smile. Vinnie is no exception. He is a big impressive dog with boundless energy. Fun as he maybe, he can be intimidating to other dogs as he charges around. So he needs to learn some social skills in that environment. We will also be teaching him to walk on a loose leash so his owner can control all that power.

Boxer Dog Training

The Boxer

The boxer is a medium-sized, short-haired breed of dog, developed in Germany. The coat is smooth and tight-fitting; colours are fawn brindled or white, with or without white markings.

Boxers are brachycephalic (they have broad, short skulls), have a square muzzle, mandibular prognathism (an under bite), very strong jaws, and a powerful bite ideal for hanging on to large prey.

Bred From The Old English Bulldog

The Boxer was bred from the Old English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser which became extinct by crossbreeding rather than by a decadence of the breed. The purpose of the crossbreeding was the wish to eliminate the excessive white colour of the breed, and the necessity of producing thousands of dogs for one of the most popular breeds in the world.

The Boxer is part of the Molosser group. This group is a category of solidly built, large dog breeds that all descend from the same common ancestor, the large shepherd dog known as a Molossus. The Boxer is a member of the Working Group.

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