News / August 6, 2022

Bed Training

Boundless energy

How many of you have dogs with boundless energy? Dogs that don’t seem to be able to switch off and relax. Dogs that get over excited when guests come into your home?

Positive reinforcement

The secret to teaching your dog to relax is to get them to stay in one place. In this video Ella is being taught to go to her bed using positive reinforcement.

Learning what relaxed feels like

You can see how energetic she is. This is normal and consistent behaviour for Ella. She is a fantastic and loving dog. But she needs to learn to switch off. However, until she learns what relaxed feels like. She can’t possibly understand or choose to do so.

We will follow her progress in future videos.

We recommend these Raised Platform Dog Beds for your dog. They promote increased airflow and reduce pressure on joints.

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