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A Day In The Life Of Jon’s Routine

Our expert dog trainer Jon Gardner gives us a snapshot into his daily routine at Platinum K9

6AM : Up and Out!

I have been an early riser for many years going back to my childhood, through to my army days. I have always had work to do from the minute I get up. We currently have six dogs in for residential training, my two personal dogs and the three family protection dogs. All need to be let out to toilet and exercise. Daily routines such as this are as valuable and important parts of the dogs training as formal obedience.

Once all the dogs have stretched their legs in our fields and had their breakfast, they are back to their beds. A quick breakfast and cup of tea for me whilst the kennels have their morning daily clean.

7-11AM Train Train Train

The team arrive and we have a nice mix of breeds and challenges in our residential training this week. We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a Boxer, a Staffie and German Shepherds. The morning is filled with basic through to high level obedience work depending on each dog’s level of training.

Dog Training

Dog reactivity/aggression training is a particularly challenging part of today’s training. As most dog reactivity is triggered by fear. It takes a great amount of time, patience and experience to successfully overcome.

11-2 Relaxing lunch…?

I have a client come in for a one to one training session. Her dog, a Labrador, comes in once a week for high level obedience and it is a pleasure to see their progress. We are then visited by an client bringing their Rottweiler for a free residential training assessment. The client has real concerns about the dog’s reactivity to other dogs, but I am confident that it is something we can successfully overcome.  I’m pleased to book them in for a four week course.

I have a number of prospective clients to call and it is always nice to hear that we have been recommended by others.

Whilst I am dealing with admin and trying to quickly find some lunch, my colleagues show me footage of recent training sessions ready for owner updates and YouTube. This job is not for the vain!

2 – 7 More training

Our residential training dogs benefit from 6-7 sessions per day. Although the training sessions are pre-planned, we have to be flexible and willing to adapt our approach according to each dog’s progress or needs. Having acres of land and secure fields to work in is a massive help. I also take a drive to the local town center with one of the German Shepherd Dogs to train around distractions and busy areas.

K9 Trainer

Then its onto a quick IPO tracking session in the fields with my German Shepherd Ayk. I then put on the bite suit and enjoy a protection training session with our family protection dogs.

7-10 Wind down

It’s back to the office and our team will ensure that the dogs are fed and cared for, before the kennels are shut ready for bed. I have some more calls to make, videos to edit and updates for our residential dog owners. As part of the residential programme, training house manners, we ensure that the dogs are obedient within a home environment and I will often have a number of the dogs in my home learning these valuable social skills.

There is always work to be done but I need to get to bed ready for another day tomorrow. I am off to London tomorrow with Ayk for close protection work at a conference at the Excel. Each day, It is so pleasing when we achieve such progress and can update this to our clients. If you are considering residential training or one to one sessions, contact us now and we will be happy to discuss how we can give your dog the Platinum K9 Expert Service.