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5 Tips For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

It is important to know how to prepare for taking your dog on holiday, as well as what to consider whilst being there, to ensure both you and your dog have a great time away.

Taking Your Dog On Holiday on beach

Health Checks and Requirements

Government Rules and Regulations

  • Before taking your dog on holiday, check Government rules and regulations of your holiday destination before booking, to ensure you can meet all requirements.  

Visit Your Vet

  • Visit your vet before going on holiday to ensure all vaccinations are up to date and requirements are met. This could include an animal healthcare certificate if travelling to an EU country or Northern Ireland. Check the Government website for more information.

Temperature and Heatstroke

  • Check the expected temperature of your holiday destination before taking your dog on holiday as dogs need to be protected from heatstroke. Read our blog post on How To Help Your Dog In Hot Weather.

New Environment

Taking your dog on holiday
  • Give your dog time to explore the new environment. Don’t leave them alone before they have gotten used to the new environment as this may cause them distress.
  • Keep your dog on a lead unless you are certain it is safe to let them off the lead. It may be a new environment for you and your dog, so be extra cautious. 

Keeping Routine 

  • When taking your dog on holiday, it is important to stick to their regular routine as much as possible, such as walking them at the same time, and regular food and toilet breaks. 
  • Keep them on the same diet to avoid them getting an upset stomach due to a sudden change.  
  • Let them rest in an undisturbed, quiet, comfortable space. 

Dog-friendly Activities

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  • Find dog-friendly activities or places to go to in your holiday destination. Not everywhere allows dogs, so make sure parks, pubs, and cafes are happy with you and your dog going in. 

Behaviour Checks

  • Make sure you regularly check for any changes in their behaviour, as any changes could indicate stress, sickness, or boredom.

More Information

For more advice, click here to watch our video on holiday tips for your dog.

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