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Looking for a reliable and professional service tailored to your dog’s needs? Platinum K9 offers a wide range of expert dog training for all manner of challenges.

Our wealth of experience and training success record are second to none. We are experts in dog aggression, bespoke obedience and companion dog training.

If you are considering purchasing a dog for protection services call us to discuss tailored training to ensure that your dog reaches its potential in a safe and secure way. We can also provide fully trained family protection dogs which will meet your precise individual requirements. Contact us to discuss our available dogs and prices today.

Charlie is responding so well to his training, I’m extremely pleased and confident that he will become superbly trained dog.

Richard McGuiness


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Residential Training

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One to One Training

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Protection Training

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Puppy training

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Reactive/Aggressive Dogs

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Recent News

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Post Training Commitment

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Turning Lives Around

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