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I’ve tried everything, why will this be any different?

Platinum K9 residential training is a professional, concentrated and sustained training programme. Consistency and timing are key is achieving the results which we do.


I’ve been told that my dog is untrainable because of his character is this correct?

Not at all. We have a wealth of expertise and in depth knowledge alongside continuous professional development of the latest methods and techniques. In our experience we have never come across untrainable.


I love my dog isn’t it cruel to send it away from home for a residential training course?

Sometimes the emotional bond with your dog hinders any meaningful training, because of that your training will lack consistency. We all have pressures in our life including work and family commitments making concentrated training unworkable. We take great care of the dogs we train. We value the trust that has been placed in us and treat dogs with care and attention that has been entrusted in us.


Will my dog remember me if he goes on a residential training programme?

Your dog will definitely remember you and be pleased to see you when you come to pick them up. Dogs live in the moment they don’t understand time like we do, they understand the passing of day and night but not weeks, days, hours. The training is enjoyable and the dog has attention all day every day and the trainers form a close bond with the dogs.


Will my dog just go back to normal when they come home?

One of the most important parts of residential training state is the handover stage. Our head trainer Jon is also a qualified teacher and we take a great amount of time to ensure that the training and behaviour instilled in the dogs is handed over to the owner.


My dog is just a puppy will they grow out of the bad behaviour?

It is important that where possible dogs have the correct training from the beginning as the earlier a behaviour is learnt that more it becomes imprinted and the harder it is to un-train.


My dog is an adult rescued at a few years old is it too late to train them?

Whilst ideally the younger a dog is the more beneficial early training is, but we have successfully trained dogs of all ages and we can’t agree with the old wives’ tale that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks


How much will it cost?

Price varies depending upon the training your dog requires. We will undertake a free thorough initial assessment and give you a detailed breakdown of what training is needed and the likely timescale to achieve the best results. Training can be tailored to suit most budgets.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.